Bill Clarkson the Mayor of San Ramon gave us an update today on what’s going on in San Ramon at our Real Estate Marketing meeting.

The discontinuance of the July 4th Fireworks is disappointing, yet in the interest of the City and those who attend a very good decision.  Based on last years event  due amount of people attending, it was difficult to man the event and keep everyone safe. There will still be activities during the day as in past years, but no fireworks.

The Walmart grocery store moving to San Ramon is just that – not a big store but a local grocery mart. As the location of the store was zoned for a grocery mart, the City has not jurisdiction to ban Walmart or any other grocery outlet from moving in.

The City Center’s hold out is finding one or two anchor business to step forward. Once a major store makes the move the project is a go as there are many other smaller businesses on board. Again, the economy is the big factor right now. When the economy improves we may get the commitment from a major retailer allowing construction to begin.

The Mayor announced he will be having a monthly breakfast for anyone to attend who is interested in learning more about San Ramon and what he and the City Council are up to.

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