What Is My San Ramon Home WorthThinking about selling your San Ramon home?

What is the value of my San Ramon home –  is a question these days on almost everyone’s mind, regardless if whether they are planning on selling or not. Get an up to date analysis of the value of your San Ramon home. Find out what is going on in your neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Most sellers want to not only know what their home will sell for but how much money they will net at closing.

Now the good news is that every area has niche markets within the City of San Ramon some neighborhoods are seeing minimal declines. And in some instances multiple offers are being presented to sellers.

When someone asks me about property values, my response is “where do you live”? and until I know that I cannot give anyone an accurate forecast of their property value. If you would like to know the value of your San Ramon home, please fill out the form below click submit and I will prepare a preliminary property analysis. There is no obligation or cost to you.

No matter the reason for selling whether you are relocating, downsizing or can no longer make your mortgage payments we are here to help you.

If after you review the preliminary numbers and are interested in a more comprehensive property analysis, call me Linda at 925-415-3046 or Arnie at  925-786-5064 to set up an appointment (email address:lurbick@gmail.com ). Again, there is no obligation or cost.